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  • Do I have to accompany my child?
    No, you do not have to accompany your child to Plòigh sessions.
  • Are there toilet facilities at the outdoor based activities?
    In most cases there are no toilet facilities, and we suggest that your child has been to the toilet before leaving for the session. If children do need when we are out, we have the area scoped out and know the most private places for them. Adults will stay close to ensure no one interrupts.
  • Will outdoor activities go ahead in rain?
    Yes! We can run most of our outdoor activities in the rain, though we do ask that if it is raining you dress your child for the weather. Most of the time, children don’t notice the rain, as they are having so much fun!
  • What if my child has additional support needs?
    Please contact us in confidence to discuss your child’s individual needs, so we can help to put support in place where possible.
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