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Cuidich sinn 

1:1 Support Assistant

This is a paid position funded by the inclusion group, Còmhla.

Some children need a little extra support to enable them to attend our sessions.  The Còmhla Group are recruiting support staff who will work with children on a 1:1 basis often on a differentiated activity.  Support staff work closely with parents and activity leaders to allow children to be fully included. The role will differ according to the individual requirements of each child.  

If you would like to work as 1:1 support staff on Plòigh,

please contact   Sarah Campbell   below for further details.  

Volunteering with Plòigh

Activity leaders are always grateful for assistance from volunteers. Volunteers will:

  • never be asked to lead a session

  • never be left alone with a child

  • be treated equally, fairly, and with respect, consideration and appreciation


As a volunteer, you may be asked to:

  • assist in the setting up of rooms and activities

  • take the register

  • engage with children and encourage them to participate

  • report inappropriate behavior to the session leader


Person Specification:

  • must be 16 years of age or over

  • an understanding and an ability to engage with children

  • enthusiasm


A role as a volunteer is a rewarding experience. If you would like to volunteer on a session, please contact Christine Amos.


Holiday activities for children on the Galson Estate

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