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At Plòigh, children of all abilities are encouraged to join activities.


Plòigh organisers work in close partnership with the ‘Còmhla’ Group.  Còmhla are a group of parents whose children have additional support needs living within the Galson Estate. 


The aim of the group is to:


  • enable the children to be supported at clubs and activities, allowing them to be included along with their peers

  • provide parents with the opportunity to receive well-earned respite

  • to provide the necessary equipment to enable children to take part in activities

  • to provide training for new and existing support staff


If you would like to join the Còmhla group please email Sarah:

or phone 07825024949 or 01851 710 578 . 


The group meets fortnightly in Lionel School allowing parents to come together for a cup of tea whilst sharing contacts and resources.  Professionals regularly come along to give guidance and direction. 

Shader forrest school ploigh summer sess
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